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Biodiversity Hackathon / Lab for Human-Insect Relationships

When. FR 5 – SO 7 May 2023

Where? LAB3, Hilpertstr. 31, Darmstadt. Accommodation can be arranged and reimbursed at the Greet Hotel right next door, quoting the booking keyword “Hackathon”.

What? In an ideas workshop, we want to explore human-insect relationships to enable biodiverse peaceful coexistence – on green spaces, in urban spaces.

Food for thought, topics, provocations:

  • Borderline: How beautiful can disgusting be?
  • The insects are dying out. Some speak of biocide.
  • Biodiversity: Can’t we do it ourselves?
  • Where are they actually? And what do they want to tell us?
  • Biodiverse out in the country and indoors in the city
  • Insect policy, for each other and with each other.

We want to explore project ideas together and then actively promote their further development. We think and collaborate, contributing our ideas to the language, politics, philosophy, technology and biology of biodiversity.

Artistic and biological, tinkering and programming, citizens come together – first just out of curiosity about the group work or already as a team with an idea in the bag, the ultimate Lifehack!

Two whole days into the night in the ideas workshop – three particularly promising approaches are then developed further. Travel and accommodation expenses can be covered upon request.

Thanks for coming!

Design: Maureen Belaski

The BioDivKultur project is funded by the Research Initiative for Biodiversity Conservation of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

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