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Monday (10.10.) - Saturday (16.10): BioDivKultur chirps

“Attention biodiversity!” – is the motto of this year’s FEdA action week from October 10 to 16. We participate with the podcast series “BioDivKultur chirps: A podcast for the preservation of biodiversity”.

Starting Monday, there will be a new episode every day with exciting insights into our subprojects and topics related to biodiversity and society. Do not miss!

Wednesday (12.10.): BioDivKultur chirps - knowledge and non-knowledge

To be heard in the episode:
Sonja N. K. Daum (Philosophy – TU Darmstadt) and Florian Zenglein (Political Science – TU Darmstadt)

Saturday (10/15): BioDivKultur chirps - acceptance

To be heard in the episode:
Nadine Cyrannek (City of Science Darmstadt) and Sinja Zieger (Landscape Conservation Association Göttingen)

Dr. Philipp Unterweger (Biodiversity Planning)

Intro und Outro Sound:
hagfilms: “Smooth intro”
Zirpen: Hörspielbox

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