BioDivKultur chirps...

Here you can find our podcast series for the action week “Attention Biodiversity!” of the FEdA.

During the campaign week, a new episode of the BioDivKultur chirps podcast will appear on this page every day from Monday to Saturday. We hope you enjoy listening to it!

Monday (10/10): BioDivKultur chirps - insect mortality

The episode features:
Margarita Hartlieb (Biology – TU Darmstadt) and Niko Martin (BUND)

Tuesday (11.10.): BioDivKultur chirps - mowing

The episode features:
Johanna Berger (Biology – TU Darmstadt) and Genevieve Walther (Project Coordination BiodivKultur)

Wednesday (12.10.): BioDivKultur chirps - knowledge and non-knowledge

The episode features:
Sonja N. K. Daum (Philosophy – TU Darmstadt) and Florian Zenglein (Political Science – TU Darmstadt)

Thursday (10/13): BioDivKultur chirps - values

The episode features:
Johanna Freudenberg (Linguistics – TU Darmstadt) and Sonja N. K. Daum (Philosophy – TU Darmstadt)

Friday (10/14): BioDivKultur chirps - communication and mediation

The episode features:
Niko Martin (BUND) and Johanna Freudenberg (Linguistics – TU Darmstadt)

Saturday (10/15): BioDivKultur chirps - acceptance

The episode features:
Nadine Cyrannek (City of Science Darmstadt) and Sinja Zieger (Landscape Conservation Association Göttingen)

Dr. Philipp Unterweger (Biodiversity Planning)

The BioDivKultur project is funded by the Research Initiative for Biodiversity Conservation of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

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