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2023: Audiowiesion - The meadow podcast

A podcast of the bioversum Jagdschloss Kranichstein for the FEdA project BioDivKultur

We are publishing a new podcast series “Audiowiesion – Der Wiesenpodcast: The podcast about biodiversity in the city and in the countryside and what meadows and insects have to do with it”. The first episode is published as part of the nationwide “Attention biodiversity!” campaign week of the BMBF research initiative FEdA.

Podcast host Leo is looking for an answer to this question and visits the experts from the BioDivKultur project at their places of work. He meets biologist Nadja Simons on the Lichtwiese campus of TU Darmstadt, where they talk about the joint development of meadows and insects and, of course, about biological research work. He visits the Wiesion exhibition in the park of the Kranichstein hunting lodge and discusses with the curator of the exhibition, Scarlett Umlauf, how scientific knowledge can be communicated in an entertaining yet accurate way and how this has been implemented in the exhibition. From Gesche Gruwe from the Göttingen Landscape Conservation Association, Leo learns about ways to increase biodiversity in our cultural landscape and how stakeholders from agriculture, nature conservation and local politics can work together. He talks to Karin Lübbe, Head of the Environmental Office of the City of Science Darmstadt, about biodiversity in cities and the opportunities for municipal departments and employees to promote it. Niko Martin from BUND takes Leo to the construction site of BUND’s new Center for Urban Nature, where they talk about nature conservation and the influence of the urban population. The last stop is the campus of the Technical University of Darmstadt in Darmstadt Castle, where he will discuss the similarities and differences between the biodiversity and climate crises and political decision-making with political scientist Florian Zenglein. There he also meets linguist Johanna Freudenberg, who tells him about her research work and the extent to which the way we talk about biodiversity plays a role. Finally, he ventures a look outside the box with philosopher Alfred Nordmann and philosophizes with him about values, resilience and the areas in which ecosystems and human societies are comparable.

Episode 1 of Audiowiesion - The Meadow Podcast

To be heard in the episode:
Leo and Prof. Dr. Nadja Simons (Biology – University of Würzburg)

The podcast starts with the first episode in the FEdA action week “Attention biodiversity!” and will be supplemented by a further seven episodes over the next few weeks.

Episode 2 of Audiowiesion - The Meadow Podcast

To be heard in the episode:
Leo and Scarlett Umlauf (bioversum Jagdschloss Kranichstein)

Next episodes will appear here soon!

Monday (10.10.) - Saturday (16.10): BioDivKultur chirps

With our podcast series “BioDivKultur zirpt: A podcast for the preservation of biodiversity”, we took part in the nationwide action week “Attention biodiversity!” organized by the BMBF research initiative FEdA in 2022.

In 6 episodes we give exciting insights into our subprojects and topics around biodiversity and society.

Wednesday (12.10.): BioDivKultur chirps - knowledge and non-knowledge

To be heard in the episode:
Sonja N. K. Daum (Philosophy – TU Darmstadt) and Florian Zenglein (Political Science – TU Darmstadt)

Saturday (10/15): BioDivKultur chirps - acceptance

To be heard in the episode:
Nadine Cyrannek (City of Science Darmstadt) and Sinja Zieger (Landscape Conservation Association Göttingen)

Dr. Philipp Unterweger (Biodiversity Planning)

Intro und Outro Sound:
hagfilms: “Smooth intro”
Zirpen: Hörspielbox

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2021: What motivates to take species protection measures?

In this podcast, young scientists from the departments of linguistics, political science and biology at the TU Darmstadt talk about perspectives and research results on the topic of species conservation.

The BioDivKultur project is funded by the Research Initiative for Biodiversity Conservation of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

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